Nadeshot Addresses Froste’s Allegations About The Mob and 100 Thieves (FULL VOD)

In case you missed it, former 100 Thieves content creator and member of The Mob Erind “Froste” Puka once again unloaded on Twitter about his experience while signed to one of the world’s most recognizable esports orgs.

Many of his tweets have since been deleted, but they all mainly boiled down to Froste accusing Nadeshot and 100 Thieves of underpaying and underequipping them, rendering it next to impossible for The Mob to live up to the expectations of their contracts and to achieve their full potential.

Of course, these tweets absolutely exploded, and 100 Thieves CEO – Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag – wasn’t about to let Froste control the narrative.

In the full hour-plus long VOD, Nadeshot addresses every allegation from Froste, point by point, and recaps The Mob’s history, rise, and failure at 100 Thieves.

Now, at this point everything that’s going to be said about this situation has pretty much already been said. To sum it up, Nadeshot claims that The Mob flat-out didn’t put in the work necessary to make their partnership with 100 Thieves successful. He says that they put themselves in a poor situation from day one by insisting on moving into a house that was too expensive for their own means, and that they repeatedly failed to meet expectations from partners and sponsors.

Froste maintains that all of his original allegations are 100% true, and he even took to Twitch a few hours later to reinforce his points. Pretty much all of 100 Thieves took to twitter to defend Nadeshot and the organization as a whole, which is easily one of the strongest showings of solidarity I’ve ever seen from any esports org. Several other content creators also took Nade’s side, citing their own experiences with poor pay that they ended up turning into successful careers simply by the virtue of hard work (imagine that).

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you stand on this issue – it seems like one party has solid evidence and one simply does not. I have always thought The Mob and Froste were hilarious (shit, we have a Froste flag in our studio for the podcast), but it is pretty evident to me that there were plenty of good reasons why The Mob and 100 Thieves’ relationship didn’t work out.

I’m sure this is going to devolve onto a conversation on twitter about entitlement, hard work, grind culture, burnout, and all the other most insufferable topics you can imagine – so I’m keeping my block and mute buttons warm for the time being.

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