Ninja Loses His Mind on Reverse2k Over Mixer Comment

Little back story for you. Ninja, Timthetatman, Reverse2k, and Nate Hill were playing a little Fortnite. A conversation broke out about not respecting newer streamers. And Ninja chimed in saying why should they respect brand new streamers who don’t have respect for “us”. And then added in “they’re coming into our territory, and we should respect you?”

That is when it seems that Reverese2k hit a nerve when he said “we’re not coming onto Mixer, we’re on Twitch”. And that’s when things started going down hill since Ninja took it personally.

Man, this is a tough look. As a bystander in the whole thing, it seems that this was dug way too deep into. It was a simple joke that was said during friends bantering back and forth. And while it’s not the best look to blow up over a simple joke, I don’t think that’s the part of it that sticks out the most. I’m not going to skip over the “why should we respect new streamers”. To me that is childish. You take so much pride in paving the way for these platforms, and with such a big voice you’re pretty much saying new streamers shouldn’t step on “your territory” – way to keep growing that platform that you’re on!

This isn’t directed towards Ninja or Tim directly by any means. It’s directed to the OG’s in the live streaming world. We live in a time where people fucking idolize streamers and the jobs they have. Be more welcoming one time. The internet is a shitty enough place as it is.

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