Pokémon Presents 8/8/2023 Wicked Good Roundup

Today, a lot was revealed during the Pokémon Presents on the Pokémon YouTube channel. From the World’s event, to anime, to the big games, and the small games. There was news for everyone regardless of their interest in one topic or another.

This year in Yokohama, the World Championship is giving out some top merch to the champions and competitors who were lucky enough to make it! Check out the gold and black champion swag and the competitor gear below!

Pokémon Presents World Championship Events and Gear!

That’s not all that’s cool about Worlds! They’re selling that coveted Pikachu plush they make every year, and there’s going to be events all over Yokohama. The Pokémon Presents stream also mentioned a Pokémon themed cruise docked nearby!

The Pokémon Presents also mentioned a short animated series will debut at Worlds called “Pokémon: Path to the Peak”. It follows a young girl in the world of competitive Pokémon Trading Card Game play, and her journey to be the best in the world.

It Wouldn’t Be a Presents Without Some Game News

The Pokémon Presents also revealed that Detective Pikachu is also returning! In Detective Pikachu Returns for Nintendo Switch, you’ll return to the noir style setting in Rime city! It releases October 6th!

Pokémon Presents Detective Pikachu

Mobile Game Updates

In Pokémon GO news, there’s 3 GO fests this year. Two of which have already past when the Pokémon Presents went live.

Pokémon Presents

There’s also the addition of Paldean Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO! This marks the first time the game has caught up with all the thousand plus Pokémon available.

There’s also some Pokémon Unite news, the MOBA first presented two years ago in another Pokémon Presents. Mewtwo is coming to Unite in two forms, Mega X, and Mega Y. They will have separate licenses, meaning you’ll have to acquire two different versions of Mewtwo to access both it’s Mega X and Mega Y forms. Use the code pictured below to try Mew and Mewtwo X out!

Pokemon Presents Gift Code for Unite

As for more mobile game updates. Pokémon Masters EX, the gatcha battle game by DeNA also gets some new additions in the form of Nemona and Pawmot. She introduces some new mechanics like a new “sprint” type roll that favors Pokémon that push out attacks fast! Pokémon Cafe Remix is also getting Tastugiri as a new Pokémon!

More Games Coming to Switch Online, but Are They the Ones We Want?

Even more news comes from the Pokémon Presents! The Pokémon Trading Card game from Gameboy Color, and Pokémon Stadium 2 are now available to Nintendo Switch Online members. Which makes me wonder why they don’t just add all the Gameboy games to the service!

And you thought we were done with anime, but no. We’ve got not one, but two short animated series coming. This one is called Pokémon: Paldean Winds. It will stream on Pokémon’s YouTube channel starting September 6th. It follows academy students learning and growing alongside their Pokémon as they attend school.

Time for The News You’re Most Excited For!

And now for the meat to go with those potatoes for the Pokémon Presents. It’s time for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news! We’ve got Mewtwo and Mew coming to tera raids very soon! You can even get a gift Mew now with the code below before Monday, September 18th. The Pokemon Company dropped a hint that if you fight Mewtwo in raid with this Mew, something special will happen!

They also revealed some new footage for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1 and 2. Which follows the player as they travel for school field trips to new areas with new Pokémon! There’s even some new Paradox Pokémon to find! Not much new news on that front since it was first revealed. Just footage of the new characters and some new Pokémon you will find!

That’s all the news for this Pokémon Presents! Stay tuned for more Pokémon news here on Wicked Good Gaming!


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