Red Bull Battlegrounds Hits The Bean This November

You’ve heard it here first…or like maybe not first, but pretty damn early.  Red Bull is taking competitive gaming to the streets of our hometown with their very own Street Fighter Battlegrounds tournament to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fighting series that helped revolutionize gaming.  Red Bull plans to take the Capcom North American Pro Tour Finals to The Castle right around the corner from Boston University this November 18th and 19th and your favorite local degenerate journalists will be covering the event, so if you can’t make your way over there, you know for a fact we will have some quality content following.  So if you are a fan of Street Fighter make sure to grab tickets now to come hang out with the WGG crew and watch 512 competitors duke it out on Saturday for a spot into the Final Event Tourny on Sunday.  Tickets are only 10$ for the whole weekend too, so when you find yourself lurking around the bars in Faneuil Hall this weekend, instead of buying 2 Jameson Gingers at last call…why not just buy one and get yourself a ticket to Battlegrounds.

On top of watching the tournament unfold, Red Bull will be initiating a Virtual Reality experience coupled with the HTC Vive.  Think back to one of the most memorable pieces in Street Fighter history, maybe it involves a car and maybe you beat the absolute shit out of said car with a juiced up rage filled Ryu.  Remember that Mercedes you pummeled to bits in the hidden round of Street Fighter 2?  Yeah Red Bull is giving you the opportunity to don an HTC Vice VR headset and letting you channel your inner Hadouken.  Make sure to prepare your livers to drink with WGG and make sure to stretch before taking your anger out on a polished virtual Mercedes, because Red Bull Battlegrounds is bringing Street Fighter to the city where street fighting is practically a past time in just 3 weeks.  Stay tuned for more on the event, what to expect from our favorite local degenerate journalists, and where we can all go for drinks after.  Dr. Bob signing out, I hope to see all of you at The Castle, November 18th and 19th.

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