Remembering the Greatest Video Games Scene In Cinematic History

When it comes to movies and television, pretty much any scene that involves a character (or characters) playing video games is bad. They’re either holding the controller wrong, spazzing out wildly in front of the TV, or frantically mashing on buttons while playing a racing game or some shit.

Then, we have Grandma’s Boy. Is this entire movie faithful to how video games are played (or made)? Absolutely not. But this scene in particular is not only hilarious, it’s probably one of the more faithful translations of actual DDR players that I’ve ever seen. Let’s relive this classic clip together.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes. Technically, this scene hits all the gripes that I mentioned about other movie scenes involving gaming. Players spazzing out in front of the screen, hitting buttons incorrectly (sometimes feet aren’t even hitting buttons), and frantically mashing away at the controls to seem more intense and skilled.

But, for DDR, this just works. Every time I’m in an arcade, there’s two types of DDR players. There’s the casual that looks like he’s doing the Cotton Eyed Joe on the machine in slow motion, followed closely by a hardo in Tripps, neon wristbands, and dreads that leans back on the support bar and 100%s some insane drum & bass song on the hardest difficulty.

Also, Grandma’s Boy is a cinematic masterpiece, and we should all reference it as such. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, folks.

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