Steph Curry Should Stay Away From Video Games

Steph Curry joined CoralSword’s Twitch livestream to play a little Mario Cart. Long story short, he’s not good. Below in the bottom right is Steph. This is the closest he got to winning in the whole hour long live stream. Look how pumped he gets when he almost wins. That’s how you know he’s trash. Keep it cool Steph, keep it cool


Here is the full stream:
Watch Stephen Curry stops by Coral Sword! from CoralSword on


Chef Curry, my man. You have been catching L after L whenever you publically decide to do something video game related. I understand you’re trying to have fun, but when you’re Steph Curry, you have to be great at everything you do. Don’t get me wrong, I was never good at Mario Cart either. But you’re Steph Curry, and I pulled a muscle in my back putting on my hoodie last week. Screaming “somebody take a picture of the screen, I’m first” is just a bad look. Act like you’ve been there before.

You might think this is funny. But you don’t know funny until you see Mr. Chef Curry try to do a voice-over on wife Ayesha’s cooking game. It’s almost as bad as his shoes. Sounds thrilled to be doing this. I mean, at least he has a crispy, cartoon, low-bald fade. Side Note: Refusing to say “yay” is bad ass. Get out of my face with that soft shit. Check it out below for a laugh


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