Suicide Squad: Joke’s On Us

The Suicide Squad comic series had a roller coaster of ups and downs, and I fear the movie may end up following suit.  Don’t get me wrong, the comics are worth a read for King Shark alone.  I won’t say I have problems with the idea of turning Suicide Squad towards the big screen, but I do have my concerns.

The size of the team is one of the biggest concerns.  The surge in ensemble movies had led to everyone becoming apathetic to seeing 5 different super powered people on screen at once…now there are ten.  There have been a number of recasts/role/lead drops especially whne it came to Tom Hardy and Rick Flag.  Finding enough screen time for a dozen characters is going to be a hassle, especially when you have greener actors contending for time against people like Smith, Robbie, and Leto.  My fear is the movie will put too much influence on them and not nearly enough on some of the most interesting baddies like Diablo and Enchantress.  I’m not sold on the new look and backstory of this Joker, but I do have faith in Leto, who I believe to be the perfect actor to carry the role after Heath Ledger RIP.  The entire look of Killer Croc makes me cringe… it really is kind of pathetic.  The worst part about it is that villains with a similar aesthetic such as King Shark have shown up in the Flash TV Series and that mid budget CGI looks 10X better than this shit.  Speaking of DC TV series, most of these characters have made appearances in either The Arrow or Flash so fans are walking into this with premeditated expectations.

Introducing Killer Croc Everyone

I hope I can be wrong here, because Suicide Squad HAS the potential to be the first villain Avengers…which fucking took the world by storm for being the first ensemble superhero movie.  I mean look what Guardians of The Galaxy pulled off.  There is a great story with very talented actors, so let’s all hold hands, claws, burning flesh, claws, and fins together and pray they don’t fuck this one up.

Take it easy with the grills Paul Wall

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