‘Super Bernie World’ Showcases Just How High A 78-Year Old Vermont Senator Can Jump

I don’t like to get political on here, so I won’t – but when I saw this email about the new free indie game Super Bernie World in my inbox, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

Super Bernie World is basically a cover of Super Mario Bros. 3, and puts players into the strangely-never-quite-fitting-right-suit of Bernie himself. During the game, you’re jumping over (and on top of) re-flavored classic Mario baddies such as “MAGAmbas”, “Mitch Troopas”, “ICE Bullets” and “Tiki Torchers”. I haven’t gotten all the way through the game, but something tells me you’re going to eventually face off against Donald Trump on a bridge in a castle somewhere.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I’m sure gamers of all varieties can appreciate a group being so passionate about their candidate that they’d develop something like this to support them. The game includes various links to donate to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, to download his app, and to sign up for phone banking as well.

This entire presidential race (and most things political in 2020) make me want to scoop my eyeballs out with an ice cream scooper, but seeing an extremely well-made indie game that mimics the aesthetic and mechanics of one of the most beloved platformers of all time just isn’t something I could ignore.

You can play Super Bernie World for free right now right here.

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