VICTORY! Tiggy is Silver Surfing in League of Legends (Silver IV 1LP)

Ladies, gentlemen, and gremlins, it has been done. A task so treacherous that not even Frodo Baggins dare to venture. I have reached silver rank in League of Legends by the skin of my teeth. Some might say I’m one tough badass, and they’d be correct. “I am the Silver Surfer, and my teammates are the Fantastic 4 holding me back” (Stylin, 2023). I wish I could say it wasn’t a big deal, but there’s times in your life when you just need a win in any facet. I’m also an extremely new League of Legends player that refuses to learn any other champ than Heimerdinger for the most part, so I think some honor & praise is acceptable. But as I said, it was a long trek here…but the view is real and spectacular.

People forget I foretold the tale days before on the Not Another Gaming Podcast heard here. Naturally on the final day, I needed 4 measly wins to get me over the hump, and it was almost too easy. 3 games of playing slightly horrifically got me all the way to Bronze 1 95 LP. 5 measly points separating me from glory didn’t sit well with the Gods(song by New Jeans). My duo and I got smacked around in back-to-back losses that reset our progress significantly. At this point there’s only 2.5 hours until the split were to end, and the with the way these games dragged out, I’d have to be perfect for 3 games straight. I grabbed a fresh mini Diet Coke that’s been expired since November, and I leaned forward in my office chair because it was time to get to work.

actually at 43 LP this game, I forgot to update the overlay

I told my duo before this game that I wanted to play the rest solo, because ultimately if I fail, it falls to me and me alone. The people I play with have been playing for years, so this was the moment they would find out if their little deer can finally walk on their own in the big leagues(High Bronze). The comeback game was my most miserable yet. The team was bickering from the very jump. Our Trundle Jungle wouldn’t stop pinging, and I eventually reported the player on top of /mute all. Multiple forfeit votes came through, but mental states held strong enough for none other than the toxic hero we didn’t deserve, but ultimately needed, to come through. I was so stunned. You can see it in the video above how shocked and ecstatic I was that we actually won that game. A win in a game where you have no business winning can move mountains in terms of morale. My buddy Troy offered to get on a smurf to help me win the next matches fast, but something about this made me really want to take journey alone. It could’ve been honor, but more likely to be pride. Believing anything can be possible in even the darkest of times… I think that’ a Dumbledore quote. Back to the big story at hand, the next 2 games went well more in my favor as I was an extremely valuable asset to the team. Setting up massive outplays that gave our team the edge for most of the matches. The last match finished with only 26 minutes until the season would officially end, so it was really all or nothing on the last match. Below you can see the celebratory moment and the last day’s record that got me over the biggest hurdle in my League of Legends career.

As I close this thing out, I’d like to thank the slimes that helped get me here. My best friend Troy(Masters) who guided me in the field of battle like a true Andy Reid. My duo Stylin(Silver) who never blamed me for all the missed stuns and forgetting to use ignite. My ARAM brother Stills(Plat TFT) for keeping my head on straight when I stumbled on the path. And the other slimers for giving me the motivation to keep going when it was easy to throw in the towel: Chaser, Mico, Golden, and Plaz. T1ggy will be back for Season 14. Hell, I might even get myself one of those Gold jackets this time around too.

Celebratory Speech


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