The Call of Duty League Returns, And I Got The Picks (12 Jan)

Call of Duty returns to all sizes of screens on thanks to YouTube, and that means I’m back to get you that extra weekend payday while you kick your feet back and relax. The slate is a some big favorites playing against some lower talent, but that’s going to be every night since there’s a very small pool of great teams, and a lot of just decent teams. The odds aren’t the greatest, but taking all the talented teams getting their best mode and throw it all together for a hot weekend.

Atlanta FaZe get us started against the LA Guerrillas, who I actually don’t think are that bad. Adam Assault, friend in real life, even gave me an interview for my first article on the site, so they hold a dear part in my heart. With that said, I wouldn’t doubt if they get 100 point clubbed by the best team in the game to start us back on the season. Next up we have the closest match of the day in my opinion. Seattle is pretty good, and has a lot of potential to be one of the better Neslo teams(winning maps 2, 3, & 5). That’s why we’re taking the dominant Toronto Ultra to get that first map win for us. I definitely misspoke in the video, but both teams are trending in our favor here with Toronto winning a lot of hardpoints and Seattle not. We finish it off on some SnD with the reigning champions New York Subliners. Their opponents, Minnesota Rokkr, have only won 1 single SnD map and that was against OpTic Texas who they’ve gotten the best of in the past. I think that was an outlier, especially with old man Accuracy leading that camp. I don’t want to say the slate looks easy, but we have a lot of great teams with their best modes against lesser teams with their worst…so anything can happen. Enjoy the free boneless wings at Applebees.


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