Does Being a Man Mean Letting Your Girlfriend Pay 100% of the Rent While You Play Video Games?

People choose their own direction. Some go into the corporate world, some pick up a trade, some work in the service industry, some even become doctors. But what I know is when you’re with a significant other, you are partners and you work as a team to benefit your life together.

I thought I got it, I really did. The old school way. Exuding chivalry. Holding doors, undivided attention when we’re today, all of that. But then I saw this tweet and I’m second guessing everything.

Let me show you how I feel in a 4 second video.

I cannot help but STAN.

I’m changing my life up baby. Editing my Tinder bio right now to say “stay at home gamer to be.” Where the fuck do I find a girl like this? Instead of “Chris can you get off of that game, it’s been 12 hours”, you get “you’re only gonna play for 12 hours today? How bad do you want it?”

Once I achieve that, my life will be complete.

Chris P.

Drinker of booze, writer of blogs, tweeter of tweets, puncher of desks.

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