Dino Crisis is all but Extinct

Capcom has been on a surge recently with the remakes and reboots of their top survival horror franchise in Resident Evil. On top of that they’ve been smashing 550 yard shot homeruns with Monster Hunter Worlds and Devil May Cry 5. I have been following the rumors left and right and everything was pointing to more dormant IPs being reborn. Dino Crisis has continued to be the most sought after and it was honestly looking like it was in the cards. However, reporter Liam Robertson has come forward to explain issues with both Dino Crisis and Dead Rising, leading us to believe the reboot may now be off the table.

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Capcom Vancouver was in charge of the Dead Rising franchise which was formerly beloved for many, lost a ton of heat following the mixed reception of Dead Rising 4, and faceplanted after Dead Rising 5. They also pitched a potential reboot of Dino Crisis in 2015 that they wanted to spearhead. Unfortunately this dream was ultimately left in stasis after Capcom Vancouver shut down in 2018. According to Roberston, Dino Crisis wasn’t the only game shot down by Capcom. The other projects included a new Mega Man, Resident Evil X, and a new Onimusha game. With the Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil 8 in the works, it seems as though Capcom is putting all of their attention into the RE franchise and spurning the good faith of the Dino Crisis fanbase.

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I simply ask, why not both Capcom? As much as I loved the Resident Evil 2 HD Remake, fans thought RE3 Remake fell short. Do we really need a new Resident Evil game every 2-3 years? I personally don’t think it’s necessary. Resident Evil 5 and 6 came out too quickly with too many changes and I fear that will end up being the same case for the upcoming releases. Resident Evil 4 probably doesn’t need a remake for another 5-10 years, let the nostalgia set in, circle back around in 2025 but in the meantime give the fans what they want in Dino Crisis. For now, I guess we can look forward to Second Extinction.

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