This Week in Fighting Games: Melty Blood Type Lumina & Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Releases, New Guilty Gear Strive Patch Announced, Sora is the Last DLC Character for Smash, and is BlazeBlue getting Roll Back?

Melty Blood Type Lumina Release :

Melty Blood Type Lumina released this previous week. Reception outside of the usual FGC bubble seems ‘warm’ but as a niche fighting game that’s to be expected. Personally, I have sunk some hours on it and can recommend it to any intermediate or above fighting game player who is looking to dive into some in-depth game play. I think beginners should skip this one and focus their efforts elsewhere but more power to you if this is a game that caught your eye.

As far as gameplay, it feels as though most characters have a ‘standard’ feel with more emphasis on mastering the game mechanics. That’s not to say characters are not unique as the roster brings the full suite of archetypes (mostly). I enjoy the combo system but still struggling to find the sweet spot between moving, defense, and offense.

I will continue to update these post with any new information that comes out for this game in the upcoming month, I expect DLC and balance adjustments soon! You can get yourself a copy on all consoles and PC for $50 (USD).

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Release :

Another big release this previous week was Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl also for all platforms for $50 (USD). I can’t give my personal opinion on this one since I haven’t played, I am not a platform fighter player by nature, but always appreciated the style. However, from what I hear/see people seem to be enjoying it for what it is. I know the developers had competitiveness in mind when creating the game (or atleast when advertising) so i’m excited to see how much of a community this game can grow.

Though, I have heard concerns over the quality of the game. Not regarding fun factor but features like certain voices and sounds not being available in game. Also when compared to Smash there are some missing animations for characters, like standing near a ledge.

Instead of watching me try to explain a game I haven’t played I’d rather point you to someone with more experience; Leffen dropped a video going over his initial impressions. Check it below –

(6) Pro Smasher Reviews Nickelodeon All Star Brawl – YouTube

Also below see the full starting roster!

Sora is in Smash! :

Speaking of platform fighters, Sora from the well known game franchise ‘Kingdom Hearts’ was announced as the last DLC character for Smash Ultimate. Hardly think this is new to anyone reading this as it made headlines this last week during and after the game play reveal. However, something I found interesting during said reveal was Sakurai letting us know Sora was the most requested character via the survey done back in 2015. I can only imagine the legal hell Nintendo had to go through with Disney to get this character to be playable – it’s a huge win for the Smash community.

(6) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora Reveal Trailer – YouTube

Guilty Gear Strive Patch Announced :

October 15th is the release date for the new Strive Patch. It promises not only character balance updates but also game mechanic tweaks. Such tweaks like revising the qualities of Faultless Defense, decreasing the start up of certain moves, making more moves able to cancel into jump, and more. As a huge Guilty Gear Strive fan I am beyond excited.

8th volume of “Developer’s Backyard”(10/8 Release) | NEWS | GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- | ARC SYSTEM WORKS

I of course also have to plug Rooflemonger’s video explaining the above article for those who don’t feel like reading. He, as always, does a great job elaborating.

Guilty Gear Strive Developers speak about the upcoming Massive Balance Patch! – YouTube

BlazBlue Central Fiction Roll Back :

Disclaimer – please take all this with a grain of salt
A twitter user had made an interesting observation recently while looking at builds/branches for steam, specifically for the game BlazBlue: Central Fiction. They pointed out that the currently 5+ year old game has a branch for a ‘closed beta’. Usually these sort of things only pop up when a game has a new patch coming out, but again this being an older game with no mention of patches it leaves the community to wonder what this is for? Arcsys did promise to implement rollback in some of their older games and they have followed up already on a few games so the question needs to be asked – is this a potential testing for a BBCF update to include roll back? This man sure hopes so!

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