A FPS Where You Lose Everything If You Die…

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I will be flying through controllers, and spending paychecks on Spackle if I ever get interested in this game. Imagine, you worked around the clock to play this game like it’s real war, you get some dope stuff and you’re confident in your game and want to flex on the other players when you enter the match. You gear up. Feeling good, looking good. Everyone on the opposing team realizes that you have the biggest swinging Johnson in the lobby. They team up and all lay in bushes. You walk by looking for an enemy to kill and loot. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. In the distance you see someone with their back turned to you. New gear is in your future. Creeping up to him, you pull your scope up to shoot them. As soon as you press shoot, you are popped in the back and you lose everything. You’re life is a joke, you’ve lost it all. DrOpShoTzZz steals all your shit. Your boss calls you and fires you for being a mediocre employee, your wife leaves you, your kids won’t even hug you anymore. Life is ruined.


I will not touch this game.

2 thoughts on “A FPS Where You Lose Everything If You Die…

  1. They should make this an MMORPG and give it VR capabilities. And instead of guns it should be swords and melee weapons, that way we could all enguage in the art of sword play. and what if they made it so that if you die in the game you die in real life. We could call it Sword Art Online!

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