100 Thieves Enters Valorant and Signs Hiko As Their Team Captain

With much speculation going on, the people were wondering where would Hiko start his professional Valorant career. Would it be Cloud9? Team Liquid? Nah. Hiko will be bringing his talents to 100 Thieves as their team captain and first player signed to play competitive Valorant for the organization.

This just makes so much sense. Hiko has this game by the balls and has spent the last few months becoming a master of its ins and outs. The first building block being Hiko will form this team into a powerhouse. It’s tough to see who will sign under 100T after Hiko, but let me tell you this.. The possibilities are endless. The team is desirable as hell with a captain who is a esport veteran like Hiko. On top of it seems like the nicest guy in the world.

I mean fuck, the guy started playing competitive Counter-Strike in 2011. Ice in the veins. He’s used to this shit now. No stranger to the shining lights on the main stage. I would go into battle with Hiko. And while I am absolute dog shit at the game, and that would never happen – i’m just saying I would.

Congrats Hiko, and unreal sign 100 Thieves.

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