25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: Bethesda Charity Stream Raise Over $5,000 For Toys For Tots

I know, I know, I missed a day. I’m making it up to you with back to back blogs today. Listen, life is hard. Anyway, our fundraiser has ended! We raised a nice little chunk of change through our amazing community, and matched the amount to donate over $260 to Toys for Tots.

How did we do our donation? Through our good friends at Bethesda! Beth’s fundraiser had generated almost $5000, and our $260 donation brought them right over that threshold. All in all, an incredible fundraising effort from the Bethesda team and an absolutely excellent showing all around from our community. I couldn’t be prouder.

As an added bonus, and to show you why we love Bethesda so much, please direct your atteention to this clip.

Donations are still open, if you’re feeling generous, click this link to jump in like we did!

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