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Horror movies have seen their ups and downs throughout the decades with genres coming and going, franchises being established that dominate the box office, and newfound directors coming out making a big name for themselves. There has been a huge resurgence for horror recently with The Conjuring becoming a mainstay franchise thanks to James Wan (more on him in a bit), beautifully crafted art pieces in Ari Aster’s repertoire, and the dozens of remakes and reboots from classic series. Even though it was before I was cruelly brought into this world, I will forever stick to my guns in saying the 1980’s was peak Horror. That being said, one of the more under the radar franchises is now getting a modern day Reboot. Peter Block will be spear heading the reboot of the 8 foot tall demon of vengeance, Pumpkinhead. All 3 sequels went direct to video or TV, with varying reception for each. I for one will be keeping my eye for more news, because I feel like I may need to conjure the demon of vengeance at some point in the near future.

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SpectreVision is currently working on a Cthulhu trilogy with the first release or The Colour Out of Space coming in 2020. Richard Stanley will be coming out of a 27 year retirement to direct it with Nicholas Cage starring. Following his incredible performance in Mandy, I can only imagine his character slipping into another bat shit crazy set of delusions all in a LoveCraft setting. Keep your planetary tendrils crossed that we will get a teaser trailer for some upcoming hype.

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It’s almost like just last week we were talking about more Resident Evil Remakes being announced…oh wait it was. Well, the videogame franchise isn’t the only Resident Evil property resurfacing, but the big screen adaptations will be making a comeback as well. The sub par film franchise was still able to garner over a billion dollars internationally across 6 movies, but left fans underwhelmed with cheesy dialogue, poor acting and an absolute massacre of the background, characters, and lore. The reboot now officially has a director with Joahnnes Roberts who stated “It’s gonna be super scary. It’s super super scary. And it’s just getting back to the roots of the game”. This is incredible news seeing as though the franchise in both media are making serious statement. Fans just want more GOOD Resident Evil and it seems like we might finally be getting that again. Toss on the tin foil caps because I’m thinking we will be getting some more news early to mid 2020 stating the reboot will be R-Rated, allowing for some more creative liberties in creating a real terrifying Resident Evil movie.

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