Open Letter to 100 Thieves: Please Stop Teasing Me And Drop The Halo Merch Already

I’m an easy guy to please, really I am.

I’m a fan of video games, nice clothes, cold beers, and crispy chicken wings. That’s really all it takes in this world to make me happy. Over the past 24 hours, I’ve had the majority of those things. And over the past 24 hours, 100 Thieves has been dangling a sick new Halo collection right over my nose, waiting for me to do a trick.

Well, here it is you guys. I’m sitting, I’m staying, and I’m waiting patiently. Give me these beauties right now.

After lots of teasing for this new line of (seemingly officially licensed) Halo merch, CouRage made things official on his personal Twitter last night, announcing a collaboration with Halo for their new clothing line. Although Xbox or Microsoft haven’t said anything yet, I would assume that having a real-life Warthog inside the 100 Thieves compound for the announcement is proof enough that this is the real deal.

I’m not gonna hold you, every single article of clothing I’ve seen on Twitter (all of which has been linked above for your convenience, I do it for the people) is absolutely liquid plasma hot fire. Surface of the sun type shit. I feel like most game/”fashion” collabs look like something you’d find off the rack at a thrift store, or like something your aunt who just bought a Cricut made for your nephew’s 7th birthday, but these are genuinely awesome looking hoodies and shirts. Not that I’d expect anything less from 100 Thieves.

Some people might say that the jokes write themselves here, but I’m gonna write them out anyway. The “Hoodie Org” not participating in HCS, yet dropping officially licensed Halo hoodies!? HA! Classic. I still want them though, because they’re absolutely sick.

No details just yet on pricing or release dates, but here’s hoping that the Halo x 100 Thieves collab series drops in tandem with an announcement that 100 Thieves is fielding an HCS team after all. I mean, just think of how unreal those skins would look…

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