Complexity Gaming Launches ‘Complexity Stars’, the First-Ever Gaming Division for Celebs and Pro Athletes

Earlier this morning, Complexity dropped a massive announcement that they’re opening up the world’s very first gaming division for celebrities and pro athletes – Complexity Stars.

The initiative seeks to recruit elite athletes and celebrities to “elevate their profiles within esports and gaming through tournaments, content creation, and collaborations with Complexity players and streamers”. Complexity has confirmed via BusinessWire that they already have a stacked roster of athletes from the NBA, WNBA, UFC, NFL, and the MLB. Athletes like J.R. Smith, Allisha Gray, Max Holloway, Sean O’Malley, Megan Anderson, Leonard Fournette, Ronnie Stanley, and Edwin Rios will headline the a star-studded inaugural lineup for Complexity Stars, with more massive announcements sure to come.

“We are launching Complexity Stars with huge names in sports and entertainment. Complexity Stars provides a platform for professional athletes and celebrities to connect with gamers in an authentic way. We are excited to launch Complexity Stars with its founding members, and we look forward to adding more athlete and celebrity gamers to build the platform. Gaming is the core of Complexity Stars, and an incredibly engaging way to connect gamers, athletes, and celebrities, authentically.”

Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports (BusinessWire)

Obviously this is absolutely massive news, there’s no two ways about it. Tons of celebrities and pro athletes have always shared their love for gaming over the years, and it feels like every other week a new athlete is standing at a podium talking about their hobbies and how gaming is a huge part of their lives.

Leave it to Complexity and GameSquare to capitalize on this trend, and to give athletes and celebrities a new way to connect with their favorite games, fans, and the esports world as a whole by creating an entire division dedicated to the cause. They’ll be organizing crossover competitions, esports tournaments, and other events to create impactful brand integration opportunities, and work to enable Complexity Stars athletes to create more impactful and engaging streams.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Complexity Stars. Who are some athletes or celebrities you’d love to see sign a deal like this next?

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