Liverpool’s Diogo Jota Leaves FIFA 22 Tournament Early, Scores Twice In Actual Premier League Match 30 Minutes Later

Diogo Jota is a fucking gamer, lets just get that out of the way real quick.

Not only is Jota (seriously) one of the best FIFA 22 players in the world, but the Portuguese Forward has been stepping up in a major way for Liverpool amidst a handful of injuries on their side.

Yesterday, the former Wolves (now Liverpool) stud was having a pretty relaxing, casually stomping through a competitive FIFA 22 international qualifier. Unfortunately, he had about a half hour until Liverpool’s real-life date with Southampton, so he had to bail on the tournament early. 97 seconds into the game, he scored. And then did this:

Jota went on to score a second goal before the first half was even over, and Liverpool went on to win 4-0.

Just earlier this year, the 22 year old was ranked #1 in the world in FIFA, and it sounds like it wasn’t the first time he’s done so.

This one’s for the “Oh you spend all this time playing Madden!? Go play for the NFL!” crowd of absolute fucking morons. Jota’s doing both, and he’s doing ’em both pretty damn well.

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