25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: Broxh Removes His Twitch Dono Button To Encourage People To Hang Onto Their Christmas Cash

Before we get into the holiday cheer, today is your LAST DAY to support an amazing cause (Toys for Tots) and net yourself a pretty sweet Ugly Sweater from the WGG Shop. Go right now!

Now, we all know Broxh is probably too pure for this earth. The guy has proven time and time again that he is a genuinely amazing soul, and that he really does care about people.

In an era where the most heinous business practices and the most obnoxious personalities get the most clicks and airtime, Broxh shines through the shade to prove that there is a lot of good out there in the world – you just gotta know where to look.

I mean, could this guy get any more kind and caring? Hey, I just want people to hang onto their money. It’s Christmas. Makes total sense, right? Absolutley.

This is what you call ‘giving back’. Broxh didn’t have to do this, but it just made sense to him. Didn’t make a stink out of it, didn’t have a sponsor or a partner involved, just did what he thought was right.

The reason for the season indeed.

(Broxh, thanks for all that you do – come on the show!)

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