25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: Grandma Gets A Switch For Christmas, And I’ll Never Stop Crying

Before you dive in – if this video makes you feel good, imagine how good you’ll feel giving to a charity that helps less fortunate kids find a little something under their tree this year? Click the link to buy!

I posted this video last year, but there’s just something about this that I can’t shake. Mainly the tears streaming down my face every time I watch it. It’s just the most wholesome, genuine, appreciative reaction I’ve ever seen.

Once again, we never did get the full backstory here – but all assumptions can be made that grandma here was either looking for a way to stay busy, to stay connected to her gaming grandkids, or maybe both.

Grandpa over on the left there doesn’t seem to know what it is she’s unboxing, but Grandma is overcome with joy and clearly can’t wait to start gaming.

I hope these folks are having another excellent holiday, and that she’s been keeping up with the weeds in her Animal Crossing town.

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