Call of Duty League Finally Releases Their Lines: MoneyCoD

DraftKings finally releases lines for the Call of Duty League in the dead of night & thought I wouldn’t check in the morning. Big mistake for them, because we have 2 favorites that have major analytics behind them. Let’s look to the numbers on this one as it prints us our monies for the much anticipated weekend.

Like I mentioned earlier, the lines weren’t posted till the dead of night so I wasn’t able to get a video breakdown of the picks. You’ll have to just suck it up & read my words here. We’re eyeing the first match of the day with defending World Champions NY Subliners taking on the not so Royal Ravens of Carolina. It’s easy to look at the Ravens & see how bad they are, but Subliners lost 3-0 to a very mediocre Minnesota team yesterday. Looking at the map stats this year, Subliners are 6-2 in map 2 SnD with Ravens at an appalling 0-7. Even though the Subliners looked weak yesterday, I think they can bounce back to a lackluster team on their best mode. The second leg were attacking is Miami Heretics v Las Vegas Legion. Even though the Legion are the 12th placed team entering this Major, I think they still contend with the bottom 6 reasonably well. Unfortunately for them, the Miami Heretics are not a bottom 6 team. Yes they as well lost 3-0 yesterday, but today’s a new day. Map 3 analytics for this matchup has Miami 6-2 for the year, and Vegas at an abysmal 1-6. Throw this leg on the board as we expect rebounds from both big hitters as their backs are against the wall. There you have it, both picks were throwing together for even odds with the stats to back us on the track.


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