Take My Money, Nintendo! Switch 2 Rumored To Have A Worse Display Than The Current Model

In case you’ve been living under a rock for like seven years, Nintendo’s follow-up console for the Switch (often referred to as the Switch Pro or Switch 2) have been swirling basically since the day the console launched.

Not long ago, Nintendo did in fact launch some additional Switch models, the Nintendo Switch Lite (a handheld only version) and the Nintendo Switch OLED which had a beautiful new OLED display, but the same performance as the original. Now here in 2024, we’re already seeing rumors begin to stir up again about the Switch’s successor… And we’re not off to a great start.

Let’s gooooooooo! Shut up and take my money, Nintendo! SLOP ME UP!

Nintendo is one of my favorite companies, I will always be a die hard Nintendo fan and nothing is gonna change that, but holy shitttttttttt I am exhausted with this company being so unabashedly stuck in the past. Friend codes, mobile app based party chat (???), and cloud saves exclusive to a premium online subscription is such Stone Age horseshit that it almost makes me wonder how those ideas got approved in the first place.

And NOW we’ve got rumors that the next Switch console will have a bigger display (8″ is even bigger than the Steam Deck) BUT we aren’t getting an OLED display, it’s back to LCD. Typical Nintendo, one huge leap forward every console generation… And then tons of steps back until we wait for the next one. It makes zero sense. And since we already KNOW that Nintendo has offered up a later-on version of the regular Switch with OLED, what’s to stop people from thinking they’re gonna do the same thing with the Switch 2? Hell, the Steam Deck did it too!

So if you’re gonna nickel and dime us, Nintendo, at least be up front about it. I’m more than happy to come out of pocket for a new console, I love my Switch and I would love to own the same exact thing with a new powerhouse under the hood… But goddamnit this is disappointing to see that the most recent rumor for this console is touting a WORSE display than what we already have.


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