A ‘Hellboy’ Reboot Starring Hopper From Stranger Things? Sign Me The Fuck Up

Hellboy, the demonic comic book hero turned Guillermo del Toro film franchise, is poised to return to the big screen, this time without the filmmaker at the helm. …Millennium is in negotiations with producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin for a new installment that would reboot and relaunch the property. Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Entertainment is also producing. –Hollywood Reporter

Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones) is attached to direct a brand new Hellboy reboot, which apparently is being scripted by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. Although Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman are not involved, the running story is that David Harbour, AKA Stranger Things’ Detective Hopper, is in line to play Hellboy.

Am I stoked about this acting change? Yes and no. I loved the first two Hellboy flicks, and like most people – I adored Ron Perlman in the lead role. That being said, David Harbour is fucking perfect to play Brother Red, and I’m 100% ten toes down to see that become a reality. Given that this is the third film company to take on a Hellboy movie in as many releases, I really hope this doesn’t become some sort of production hell type of deal where we actually have to wait five years to see it become a reality. Here’s hoping David Harbour’s momentum these days and the already awesome Hellboy fanbase push this project over the edge so we can get a real taste of it soon.

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