Ranking my Top 5 Best CoD4 Maps 9 Years Later

A lot of FPS’ have tons of maps that you can’t stand and  maybe one or two that are incredible. This was NOT the case with CoD4 because 90% of the maps were phenomenal (my personal opinion). I know there will be a couple dickheads responding to this saying “This list is all wrong”, “I need attention” “CoD4 was terrible”. Which is asinine because Call of Duty 4 made me into the man I am today. Maybe that’s not a good thing but..

In light of Call of Duty Remastered coming to us soon: I am going to attempt to rate my top 5 favorite CoD4 maps.

This is my personal opinion, and there are no statistics to back them up. I loved other maps but if I had to pick five of the best cod4 maps.. I would pick these.


The Best Cod4 Maps

 5.    CoD4 Map Strike


Strike was a solid map for competitive play. There are tons of spots that you can snipe from, as well as points that you have an excellent vantage points of the hot spots on the map. If you went around the statue it was beef. If you were sniping from the second story window, you were a noob that deserved a cooked nade tossed in front of you. When I learned certain set nades it was a wrap. You would have thought a was an MLG stud. I was tossing grenades over buildings, jumping off cars, doing parkour.. And just taking dudes out. All and all, fun map. 7/10

 4.    CoD4 Map Vacant


This map was for the run-and-gun’rs. All I needed was a MP5 with red dot and I was a force around Vacant.. If I had anything to say about this map, it is that there were tons of campers. People just laying on the ground behind the weirdest shit. Shout out to stuns x3 for helping me blind these fuckers. I had a great time playing this map throughout the years, even though it pissed me off I would vote Vacant 10 times out of 10. Just don’t use a LMG– that’s bullshit and you probably don’t wipe.

 3.    CoD4 Map Crossfire


Coming in at a strong #3, I picked Crossfire. This map was fucking sick for casual and competitive play. A lot of sniping going on, on both ends of the map and some crazy gun fights happening inside of the buildings. This is an M16 map if I have ever seen one in my life. You grab a nice corner and pick mofo’s off as they run by to try to find a camping spot. Crossfire was a good time for Search and Destroy too. But there was always someone in that fucking bus and it drove me nuts.

 2.  CoD4 Map Shipment


This kills me that I had to put this second. but it just wasn’t a very skill dependent map. There were 4 spawn points which was extremely easy to memorize. It was spawn and shoot every single time. That was the last shit I’ll talk about Shipment because 1v1’s on Shipment were the ultimate battle. “1v1 me pussy”. This was your time to show how big your virtual dick was. If you used a killsteak in a Shipment 1v1, you deserve the worst. Bullets flying, palms are sweaty, mom’s spaghetti. Boys became men, girls became women, friends became enemies, controllers became broken, but good times were made.

1.   CoD4 Map Crash


ANNNNNND THE WINNAHHHH. Crash. Hands down. There was always something happening on this map regardless of where you were and what time in the game it was. The beginning of the match started off with snipers trying to pick one another off down the alley way, while the rest of the team rushes the helicopter. In a more competitive game type, like HQ, or SnD.. The 3 story was a MUST. You had to hold it down and if you didn’t it was a battle to try to take it over. I think I would have played CoD with Crash on repeat.


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