China is Enforcing Ridiculous Limitations on Video Games to Save Kids From Video Game Addiction

With the giant, and dangerous epidemic of video game addiction spreading the planet, the Chinese government has taken it upon themselves to save kids from this horrendous disease. With an enforced curfew that bans minors from playing video games from 10 PM to 8 AM, and restricting minors to 90 minutes of gaming time during the week and three hours a day on weekends and holidays. Also giving spending limits of 400 yuan ($57) per months for 16-18 year olds and 200 yuan ($29) for 8-16 year olds.

I can’t even count how many stories have been released within the past few years about video game addiction. And while I think there is some sort of addiction that you can have with video games, there are a lot worse things you can be addicted to. Like… heroin. I’m personally sick of hearing about how these kids need to be saved from their video game addiction. Be a fucking parent then. Take their wires or console away if they’re failing in school, or being a shitty person. Let them scream it out in their bedroom for a bit. They’ll realize they’re over reacting and chill out. It worked with my whole generation. They either figured out a life/video game balance, or just got addicted to something else.

We live in a time now where there are streamers signing multi million dollar contracts, content creators making millions a month, and esport franchises killing it and making a more than comfortable living. This is a dream job to some kids. And while the only way to get truly good at something is repetition, that’s where you.. The human who brought this child into the earth, steps in and does your job as a parent. If this was enforced world wide, there would be riots in the streets.

As someone who was on Myspace as a 14 year old (sorry Tom) – I know exactly how to bypass age restrictions. Put your parents information in. Not exactly rocket science.. Unless there are some strict regulations and requirements, there are going to be ways around this uncalled-for rule.

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