Jack “CouRage” Dunlop Leaves Twitch To Stream Exclusively on YouTube. More Moves Coming Soon

100 Thieves content creator, and popular Twitch streamer, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop is off to YouTube to stream exclusively there. It was announced today after a few confusing videos leading up to it over the last week.

This is a huge move for YouTube who has a 19.5% market share in the live streaming space. Followed by Facebook Gaming (5.3%), Mixer (3%) and topped off with Twitch at 72%. With Mixer making moves, it was only right for Google to flex, and get their hat in the ring.

Something that was said in the video that we might have looked over, could also be the reason why a lot of streamers are leaving Twitch. “I don’t want to get stagnant and feel like I’m stuck in some 9-to-5 job.” This is something that has been top of mind for us and i’m sure a lot of the people keeping score at home. And as I said on the podcast, these content creators are able to make fuck you money, while also freeing up time and putting themselves out there to do more. It’s called opportunity cost.

Big congrats to CouRage on his new endeavor, and I’m excited to see how this trickles down the 100T tree. As of right now, Nadeshot, Valkyrae and BrookAB all stream on Twitch.

CouRage’s agency, Loaded were the ones who negotiated the deal with YouTube. Loaded also represents Ninja, Shroud, Timthetatman, LIRIK, Summit1g and others. Sources say that pretty much all all of Loaded’s clients are currently in negotiations with other streamer platforms, most being Mixer, or have already signed deals to stay at Twitch.


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