This Week in Fighting Games: There’s Finally Drip in Melty Blood, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Leaked Roster, Is Defense Too Weak?, KOF XV Demo, Sonic Fox is Still the King and More

Melty Blood New Character Reveal – Vlov Arkhangle

We only have one more spot for the 12 person roster Melty Blood will be releasing with toward the end of this month, so who took the 11th spot this week? Its Vlov Arkhangle, described as a character ‘With various projectile attacks, his battle style has a long reach and allows him to fight advantageously in a wide area.’

Now I’m not someone who thinks Melty Blood character design is boring but that seems to be the main opinion in the fighting game community right now. Thankfully FRENCH-BREAD heard the prayers and finally released a character with a cape…I mean drip. Catch the reveal here –

(13) [Vlov] Battle Preview – YouTube

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Leaked Roster?! And New Character Reveal

Disclaimer that the below screenshot is an unconfirmed ‘leak’, however, the format and design look legit and this may possibly be our first look at the launch roster for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Make of it what you will but I for one am hoping Toph makes it in –

Ren & Stimpy Reveal

In more ‘confirmed’ news check out the latest character trailer for Ren & Stimpy. If you are familiar with Super Smash Bros then this character seems to play like Banjo-Kazooie – 

(13) Nickelodeon All Star Brawl Ren & Stimpy Reveal – YouTube

King of Fighter 15 Playable Demo Coming Soon (Just not for you)

SNK has announced that a playable demo will be available soon for their new installment of King of Fighters being released at the beginning of next year…but it seems like it will only be for influencers and only Japan based at that. 

Still you should expect an informative stream going over game mechanics during the Tokyo Game Show at 9 p.m. PT on Wednesday, September 29. I haven’t given this game much coverage but here hoping this showcase will give me something to look forward to –

Making Strong Characters Easy to Play, Is this a Good Thing?

A character profile for the ‘Arcueid’ went viral this week and the description mentions that though the character was once difficult to master they have since made her more straightforward to play –

Now this started a discourse on Twitter with people of the mindset that the character would now be very strong (Top Tier) but also easy to play and that this mindset has been too common as of late in newer fighting games. I can’t disagree, I do think a main philosophy in fighting game design as of late has been to simplify more complex characters as to appeal to newer players.

However, what really is the main debate is if ‘Hard’/Technical character should be strong? Think about it, would you spend weeks working on your execution on a certain characters setups and combos when there is another character in the game who only takes hours to master but also does more damage, mix ups, etc.? Doesn’t seem fair, right? Leffen doesn’t seem to think so –

Only time will tell where character strength actually lands for Melty Blood but it’s a problem to keep an eye out for sure.

Is Defense Too Weak? (In Guilty Gear Strive)

Talking about twitter discourse there was a topic that went rampant this week regarding Guilty Gear STRIVE, ‘is Defense too Weak?’.

I almost don’t want to touch this subject or give my opinion, I think both sides have strong points. I will instead take the easy way out and link a Rooflemonger video going over the topic and you can make your own opinion –

Sonic Fox is Still the King

Okay this last one is just for me but I found it super interesting. SonicFox has always been a dominant force in fighting games but I haven’t seen them play much Dragon Ball Fighterz lately, so when they mentioned that they would be having a money match against Nitro and LegendaryyPred I honestly was expecting them to be rusty. 

What I wasn’t expecting was them to win both matches, especially with their new team of Base Vegeta, Beerus, Android 16! This is no insult to the other two players, both are incredibly strong but it is a testament to SonicFox’s incredibly consistent play, they are still the King!

Catch that VOD here –

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