Class Up Your Raid Night With These World of Warcraft Cocktails

You all know that I’m no stranger to a beer or twelve when it comes to game time, whether at my PC or around the D&D table. However, after stumbling upon FANMIXOLOGY on Twitter, it looks like I’m about to class things up before my next session.

FANMIXOLOGY, which features recipes by @lettercrafting and art by @direbright, is an account dedicated to “fandom-inspired craft cocktails”, and I’m already gearing up to stock my personal shelves and try a few of these out. Here’s a handful of the World of Warcraft-themed cocktails from FM that caught my eye:

FM has also whipped up a specialty craft cocktail for each of World of Warcraft’s four new Shadowlands zones, each making me more thirsty than the last.

Was that a lot of tweets to embed in a single blog? I don’t care. I’m now itching to get one (or maybe five) of these cocktails in me and get my progression game up in Castle Nathria. I absolutely love to see this type of stuff, and can’t wait to see what kind of boozy goodness FM shakes up for us next.

You can support R and Sasha, the awesome people behind FANMIXOLOGY, on Ko-Fi right here.

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