Modern Warfare: Remastered Is Official, And I Just Threw Up From Excitement

Infinity Ward has officially announced Modern Warfare: Remastered and holy shit am I excited. This game WAS my childhood. I used to run home from school to jump on my Xbox 360 and run private matches with the boys every damn day. It’s kind of crazy that this game was first released back in 2007 because it feels like just yesterday I was on ACOG’ing with my M40A3. I liked Call of Duty 4 because they didn’t try to add too much shit to it, you know? You couldn’t fly around and man a helicopter (even though MW2 was boss). It was nice and simple. MP5 with red dot, stopping power, extreme conditioning, and stuns x3. SEE YA LATER.

Its your boy.

I’m going to be the first motherfucker in line on November 4th with a fucking ghillie suit on smelling like stale beer because I just pregamed for a video game release. Sue me.

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