Crimsix Accepts Side Quest With FaZe Clan, Pivots To Racing Esports Pro

Ian “Crimsix” Porter, the most decorated Call of Duty pro of all time, has inked a new deal with FaZe Clan ahead of IEM Katowice.

The 38-time CoD champion is making one hell of a pivot from shooter to driver, as he departed from New York Subliners after the 2022 season, and made his farewell to the pro scene altogether. He now joins FaZe’s four-man Rennsport roster just in time for this weekend’s ESL R1 Series, and will be looking to scoop up some of the half a million dollars up for grabs to add to his already ludicrous esports war chest.

I know even less about racing sim esports than I do about Call of Duty (which is saying something), but it’s really interesting to see a Call of Duty pro make the move into becoming a multi-esport athlete. Select few athletes in traditional sports have been able to make successful careers out of two distinct sports, so it’d be truly incredible to see Crim crush it in this new phase of his career. He told Dexerto in an exclusive quote that this career move is the “real reason why I quit” in reference to his departure from professional Call of Duty.

We already know Crim’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch (and listen to) on the CoD circuit, so I’m stoked to see him bring his unique energy to the racing sim world.

ESL R1 begins on February 12th.

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