Did Xbox Just Hint at Discord Integration Coming Soon?

Today, Xbox’s social media manager Stein, might have tossed an alley-oop to the Xbox main account to hint at Discord integration coming to Xbox. Stein (I’m sorry, that’s all I have to go off of) – responded to a tweet from Discord, and the Xbox main account quickly slid in.. And now, my brain is moving.

I’m speaking from the eyes of a PC player. But it’s a pain in the ass when I want to play with friends, and my only option is game chat (which is fucking brutal), or the Xbox Companion app which picks and chooses when it wants to work. On top of that, there’s no threshold on mics on either of these options. So you hear my clicking and slamming my keyboard, and i’m just a nuisance for my pals.

We need Discord integration on all platforms. No debate. Give console players good audio quality and maybe even the ability to stream their games into Discord?? Who knows. But we can only hope.

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