GOTY 2020 Update: I’m Gonna Need Roughly 90 of These Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pre-Order Bonuses

Via a Reddit post from user “senor_andy”, it looks like the newest Target flyers have confirmed what we’ve all been waiting for – the US pre-order bonuses for Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

I’ve been waiting with bated breath, and the day is finally here. Just LOOK at that glorious notebook. What’re you gonna write in there? Prices for fish? Bugs you need? Gossip about townsfolk? Turnip prices?! The possibilities are endless here folks.

I gotta be honest, though. When this article from NintendoLife came out about the EU/UK pre-order bonuses came out, I was starting to panic a bit. Keychains? Stickers? C’mon bro. There was really only one great option, and that was this incredible tote bag and pin set:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re getting that in the States (for now), but you bet your bells I’ll be looking on eBay for that sucker once the game drops.

Ho hum, just another day in the best country on earth with the best pre-order bonuses. GOTY 2020 here we come baby!

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