Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Went Live Last Ni-AAAAAAAAAAND They’re Gone

Originally when I woke up at 7 this morning, this blog was going to contain links on where to do your pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch. Welp, they’re all fuckin sold out now – so that’s all she wrote for that.

In case you missed it last night, Nintendo announced that their new $300 console is coming on March 3rd in the US. It’ll ship on launch day with online play, which will be free until the Fall, after which Nintendo will begin charging your asses for quality online multiplayer like everyone else. Before everybody starts bitching, just don’t. Quality online services shouldn’t be free anyway, and if its good – I won’t mind paying for it. Anyway, here’s what your $300 will get you:


In the two available variations of the Nintendo Switch at launch, you can either get a neon red & neon blue controller combo, or one with both Joy-Con in grey. A separate pair of Joy-Con will be $80, but half a Joy-Con (if you’re one of those people who can’t get their lives together and loses one side of the controller immediately after detaching it) will be $50. There’s also a spare dock for people with two TVs in their house (sick brag) and that’s gonna run you $90. A play-and-charge thing for your Joy-Con (which run about 2-6 hours of battery life each) is $30. Oh, and there’s gonna be a Pro Controller (cause, y’know), and that is $70. SICK.


Fret not fellow #brokebois, you’re getting the Switch, a left and right Joy-Con, the dock, a “handle”, the adaptors, cables, and wrist loops for $300 in the box. That’s not that bad, considering what other consoles currently cost.

So there you have it. Good luck getting your Switch, everyone – try not to murder anyone at your local Target or Costco on March 3rd. Now if you need me, I have some kevlar and riot shields to purchase on Amazon… For a friend, of course.

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