Not Another Gaming Podcast Has Broken Into Apple Podcasts Top 100 Chart For Gaming

Folks, lemme tell you.

Best part about owning a blog? Is you can write about whatever you want. And today, I’m here to brag to you about our podcast FINALLY breaking into the Top 100 charts for gaming on Apple Podcasts.

This is an incredibly difficult hurdle to clear. There are over half a MILLION podcasts on Apple’s platform, and we have been lucky enough to earn a spot amongst the Top 100 in our category.

Sure, we’ve been in the Top 50 for Spotify Gaming in almost every country on Earth, but we also had the benefit of being one of the first podcasts ON Spotify, let alone in the gaming category. As such, this is some pretty elite company – and it’s a milestone that deserves a celebration.

To commemorate this, I decided to whip up a surprise shirt that reflects our ultimate goal.


So go ahead, doubt us. Scroll past us all you want. But we won’t be ignored, and we won’t be denied.

Next stop? You already know where.


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Papa Dom

Dom is WGG's lead blogger and graphic designer. He also co-hosts and produces Not Another Gaming Podcast, and has been writing about video games on the internet since 2010. When not delivering some of the most electrifying introductions in podcast history, you can find him drinking outdoors at a brewery with his dog, Miller.

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