DrLupo Continues Being The Best Human of All Time By Donating All His Donations Going Forward to Charity

Yesterday on stream, DrLupo let his chat know that after today’s announcement, he would start changing what he does with his Twitch donations. And by change, I mean that he is going to start donating every last dollar of donations to charity indefinitely, starting with St Jude. Lupo will change charities over time, and really make a difference with his platform.

We saw it recently with Pokimane and Pewdiepie. And as Lupo said, this really got the ball moving.

We live in a fucked up world, and now more than ever things just don’t make sense. There is too much negativity that surrounds us daily. Sometimes people just need an escape, and some people find that escape by watching Twitch. DrLupo is exuding positivity into the world. He has a history of being very generous when it comes to giving back. And this is just another example of why DrLupo is the best.

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