Nvidia and Asus Announce The Asus ROG 360 – The First Ever 360Hz G-Sync Monitor

Nvidia and Asus have have announced the world’s first 360Hz G-Sync Monitor, the Asus ROG 360 – a monitor designed for esports and competitive gaming.. Nvidia says that frames will be displayed every 2.8ms, which makes this bad boy super responsive. As you could have probably guessed, there isn’t much of a point of getting this monitor for single player games. It’s more for the professional or training player.

This monitor is 24.5″, and 1080p, and will give undoubtedly give you a leg up in your competitive FPS and MOBAs.

When I first went from a 60Hz monitor to 144Hz, I felt like fucking superman. Imagine what you’re able to do with a 360Hz monitor? The flick shots you’ll be able to hit? Mama Mia. It’s going to be a necessity for the competitive gamer to have one of these to have a chance. It also makes my mind go to the price tag. I can’t imagine a “first of its kind” monitor isn’t going to cost a pretty penny. So, this is going to push out the casual competitive players (if that makes sense). The players who enjoying competitive play, but aren’t necessarily practicing to make it to the big leagues.

Time will tell.

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