The Salt Is Real: Quest Rogue Isn’t That OP

In the latest Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, there’s one deck responsible for more salt, more tears, and yes – even more salty tears amongst the game’s community than any other. This deck is known as the Quest Rogue.

The Quest Rogue deck is built around a card called “The Caverns Below.” The Caverns Below is a new “Quest” card from Journey to Un’Goro, which requires the player of the Quest Card to achieve or complete a set of criteria before being rewarded with an even more powerful card that completely changes the remainder of the match. This Quest Card, in particular, rewards the player with “Crystal Core” – a card that permanently changes the health and attack to all of your minions to 5 / 5. That’s pretty fucking beefy.


Now, the quest itself isn’t that easy to complete. You’ve gotta summon four minions of the same name in one game, which could be considered difficult in a game that only allows two copies of the same card per deck. How players achieve this quest is by utilizing “bounceback” cards that return minions to the player’s hand, allowing them to be summoned again and credited to the quest.

Quest Rogue is really fucking strong, as any Hearthstone player who’s lost to one will tell you (amid waves of salty, salty tears). Most of the times I’ve used my Quest Rogue deck, I was able to accomplish and fully execute Crystal Core by turn 5 or 6. At this point, most players unleash a barrage of 1-cost Charge minions to obliterate the opponent.


The biggest complaint about QR is that it’s non-interactive, which can be true at times. For the first five turns while I’m trying to string together cards to complete The Caverns Below’s quest, I more or less ignore what the other player is doing. Focus on me, clear a minion if I have to by using a few spare removals, but otherwise I mainly just hope they don’t hit face as hard as they often do, and that I’ve got at least 15 life left to pop Crystal Core, dump all my Charge minions, and absolutely faceroll the opponent.

My favorite Quest Rogue quote from the Blizzard forums is this: “When you win, it feels like you beat up a toddler, when you lose, it feels like you get beat up by Mike Tyson.” and that’s 100% accurate.

All of that being said, Quest Rogue’s win rate is literally below 50%, which sounds pretty balanced to me. I’ve been shitstomped by Hunters while trying to climb the ladder plenty of times, and I think I can confidently say my personal win rate with the deck is probably around 50-60%.

I’m sure there will be nerfs or hot fixes in the future for Journey To Un’Goro cards, so then we’ll see what deck the Hearthstone community chooses to bitch and moan about next. Until then, folks – git gud.

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