Should We Start A Podcast?

Serious question here, does the world want a Wicked Good Gaming podcast? Does the world even need ANOTHER gaming podcast?

I mean at this point the podcast market is so oversaturated with EVERY genre that I have no idea how we could possibly make a dent. Maybe we could name it Not Another Gaming Podcast, kinda like Not Another Teen Movie, except it’ll actually be funny. Rob’s in Chicago now, and Chris just moved to Southie – which as far as I’m concerned might as well be Chicago too (actually, the drive is probably quicker to Chicago), so aside from our group text thread we have zero way to communicate and collaborate on stuff.

So what does everyone think? I’m thinking we bang out a quick, 35-ish minute podcast, something you can listen to on your commute or on the shitter or wherever you are, and maybe we don’t only talk about gaming. Maybe we just shoot the shit for a half hour, dabble in some gaming news, and mainly riff off one another. Maybe I’m just using this blog to talk to myself and get some ideas down.


Anyway, this is easily the worst blog in the history of this site, but content is content is content – right? Right. So hit us up on Twitter, tell me how pathetic this blog was, and give us some ideas for a potential WGG podcast. What do you want to see from a podcast that you don’t already get from the ones you listen to? Do we really need to listen to Rob’s progress on decline bench every week? Does the world want to listen to Chris tell us all about his new job and how much more money he makes than the rest of us now? Who’s even gonna edit it? Nose goes guys. Ready? Go.

@WickedGoodGames on Twitter, @WickedGoodGaming everywhere else. Blame @jack.

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