This Best Buy Manager On Black Friday Has Me Ready To Run Through Every Wall In My House

Black Friday is a contact sport. Everybody knows that. As someone with 10 years of retail experience (all of it in consumer electronics), trust me folks – I’ve seen it all.

If you’re working retail during the holidays, you’ve got just a few things to rely on: caffeine, post-shift drinks, your coworkers, and your leaders. Usually if you have at least 3 out of the 4 of those, you’ll get through in one piece, and it looks like this Best Buy location has at least two already locked down.

I know what you’re thinking: did I just watch this absolute legend Stone Cold two Monster Energy tallboys to get his team fired up for Black Friday? And the answer is yes, you absolutely did.

If I’m on this guy’s team, I’m ready to die for him at a moment’s notice after watching this. I’m stiff-arming people on my way to back someone up on register, I’m fireman carrying my coworkers to their next breaks, and I’m running straight through brick walls to deliver products to a customer instead of using doors. Fuck doors. Who needs them when you have leadership like this?

Whoever you are, Best Buy Rattlesnake, I salute you. Your team is lucky to have you, and I wish you the best of luck during this holiday season. Somebody give this guy a promotion, and while you’re at it, a “hell yeah”.

P.S. – Be kind to your retail and service employees out there this holiday season. They’re already missing time from family and friends to help you get your shopping done, so offer a smile and a “thank you” once in a while. It won’t kill you, and it’ll probably brighten up their day (even if they look exhausted). I promise.

P.S.S. – Just in case more than a handful of people read this blog and tries to get this guy in trouble, these are clearly two cans of Monster, not beers.

Papa Dom

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