Tom Brady Gave Tfue The GOAT Seal of Approval While Playing Fortnite With His Son

What a time. I know Tom Brady isn’t the Patriots quarterback anymore, but he’ll always be my quarterback. This doesn’t change about how I feel about Fortnite, I will say that now. I hate the game and will never play it again. But, this is pretty damn cool. Besides the fact that his son plays on an iPad, but that’s a whole different story.. Buy my man a PC!

The Brady boys just hanging on the couch, practicing gamers vs corona. Even if Tom isn’t the one playing, he’s watching and clearly knows what’s going on to an extent. But I know the competitor in him. He saw that his son wasn’t playing to the best of his abilities, and TB had to give the Pad a try. And if he grinded, he’d be the best Fortnite, and overall best video game player to ever live.

Tom Brady, a gamer. AKA- ONE OF US.

Tfue even got the goat emoji! That’s how you know it’s real. Brady and his son, just a couple dudes hanging out on a Monday playing some Fortnite. Imagine the reaction when Tom Brady slid into your DM’s asking to play a video game? My lord i’d be stiff.

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