When is Twitch Going to Make a “Social Drinking” Channel?

So, Twitch decided that people wanted to watch other people eat on camera. “Social Eating” they call is. That might be the weirdest thing I have ever heard. What’s fun about that? Jack shit. You just watch people eat shitty food, and listen to shitty music, and talk about shitty stuff. People have the nerve to ask for donations too. “If you want me to keep eating please donate.” Don’t eat then, I could care less. You’re begging for grocery money.

Twitch: I am asking nicely for you guys to make a “social drinking” channel. Now, THAT would be a good time. I would have no problem donating a few bucks for someone to get drunk. It’s like buying someone a drink at the bar. It’s just a kind gesture. But I REFUSE to give a dollar to someone sitting behind a fucking camera eating cereal. Me personally? I would want all my viewers to get drunk with me and talk about dumb shit. It would be like going out, but not? I guess. And if Twitch doesn’t want to make this channel, catch me making it into a drinking channel.

Twitch social drinking channel

Us over at Wicked Good Gaming would be the MVP’s of the channel. The Gordon Bombay’s. If you’re going to throw money at me to get drunk and rant about stuff, I’m there. You had me at booze. It will just give us an excuse to drink (which we really don’t need anyway) but it will make us feel better about blacking out on a Tuesday afternoon. Tell me what to drink. If you want me to wear a sombrero and drink tequila, I’ll throw up. But i’ll go down swinging. Want me to slug IPA’s in a Vineyard Vines  pastel polo like I’m on my way to fucking Easter brunch? I’ll do it happily with my pinky up. I guess what I’m saying is give me an excuse to drink.

how to be a social eating streamer

How do you feel about this? Would this be a channel that you would watch? Let us know on Twitter- @WickedGoodGames and follow us on Instagram- @WickedGoodGaming


Make it happen Twitch. Cheers.

Chris P.

Drinker of booze, writer of blogs, tweeter of tweets, puncher of desks.

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