With Lego and UEFN, Fortnite Is Now a Blossoming Metaverse

With the release of several new game modes, Fortnite has become Epic’s very own metaverse. In the age of crypto, the term “metaverse” was coined to describe the setting of a virtual world, where users can interact with each other in various ways. VRChat was one of the first to accomplish this in a virtual reality setting without any crypto nonsense. Some have even argued that World of Warcraft has become somewhat of a metaverse. In regards to Fortnite however, its recent updates have brought it to a metaverse level.

The three new Fortnite game modes shown here.
Fortnite has added a survival mode, with a racing and rhythm game mode soon!

Unreal Engine 5 Allows Players to Create New Experiences in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 brings three all-new game modes for all players while remaining free to play. That is of course if you see skins and emotes as a luxury. The first of the three modes released today is Lego Fortnite, a survival mode similar to Minecraft. I’ve played several hours of it today. There’s enough uniqueness to it that it doesn’t feel like a cheap copy of other popular survival games. Most skins you’ve acquired are transformed into Lego versions of themselves here. Which helps create a great new Lego-themed PvE experience you can share with friends. Even popular Fortnite characters like Meowsicles can be found as NPCs that you can recruit in your own Lego village. 

Lego Fortnite transforming your skins into Lego Style versions.
With Lego Fortnite, most if not all of your skins transform into Lego versions of themsleves.

During Chapter 4, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) was released in March of this year. It utilizes the tools available in the new Unreal 5 engine. Letting you create new worlds and game modes within Fortnite. This has led to several fan tributes to Call of Duty, Squid Game, Spongebob, and more that are playable for the entire userbase. Someone has even created multiple versions of Gun Game for Fortnite.

With UEFN, Fortnite has a wide variety of games to play.
UEFN makes Epic’s moneymaker a versatile experience

Racing, Rhythm, and a New Survival Mode Show the Variety of Fortnite’s Experiences

Tomorrow, Rocket League is making a major crossover with a racing mode. Players can customize their cars and race with their rocket-propelled cars. Going over loops and turns to make it to the finish. This mode was not met without controversy from the player base, however. As many thought it could have been a mode added to Rocket League itself. The Gamespot trailer currently sits at a ratio of 175 likes, and 145 dislikes as of writing.

A third new game mode coming in the next two days called Fortnite Festival. A Rock Band style rhythm game mode that shows the versatility of the Unreal 5 engine. This comes with The Weeknd coming to Fortnite in several different skins. Check out the trailer below:

Fortnite now has a large amount of experiences that don’t just rely on its main battle royale mode. With a multitude of IPs in its pocket. Including Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Street Fighter, Halo, and many real-life figures. It’s become a unique experience with limited-time live events that break the internet every time they drop. Such as the Travis Scott concert, the Zero War event, or even the most recent Eminem appearance. Fortnite is now beyond the scope of a battle royale. It’s now a metaverse with many different experiences for its player base to enjoy.

Stay tuned for full reviews of the new game modes coming soon. See you in the loop.


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