16 Year Old Choosing Between College or Going Pro in Overwatch

16 year old Overwatch player, Jonathan Huffman is in the top .0001% of Overwatch players in North America and has already been competing way out of his weight class with great success. He’s currently farming college offers from big and little schools as well as contemplating the Overwatch League when he hits the minimum required age of 18 – which he will be his senior year.

Where we’re at currently, is that schools with esports programs do in fact offer scholarship money. But it’s very, very rare that someone will go to college on a full ride for esports. So for the sake of the story, let’s say you get a few thousand dollars a year towards your tuition. Which we all know won’t come close to covering the whole thing. Overwatch League has a base pay for $60k and that is before you do any side content creation.

It’s amazing that this is something that kids get to decide now. Back in the day you had your freaks of nature that wouldn’t go to college but would go right into the NBA, or NFL. Or you had the kids deciding if they’d get into a trade, or go to college. Now, high schoolers are deciding if they want to go to college, or go pro in an esport. It’s really cool to see. And I can hear the old folks sucking their teeth in disappointment from here.

I can’t speak for everyone in this position, because I was never, and will never be in this position.. But I say you go for being a pro. Especially if you’re already as good as Jonathan. College will always be there, and you’ll kick yourself in the ass for the rest of your life if you never tried. The what ifs will drive you mad.

Best of luck, Jonny Boy

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