Bud Light Creates, Auctions Off ‘BL6’ Console To Benefit Restaurant Industry Workers Impacted By COVID-19

Bud Light has officially entered the console wars… And they might just already be over.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… The BL6.

Bud Light hails the BL6 as “the world’s first ever self-cooling six pack that also plays video games”. While the console is not actually going up for sale, it is currently being auctioned off to benefit the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, supporting their “Change is on the Menu” program.

After the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated so many service industry workers’ lives, the Change is On The Menu program focuses on getting them back in the kitchen, back to service, and back on their feet. And every dime of the “BL6” auction is going towards this fund. Pretty incredible cause if you ask me.

The BL6 features a “six pack” of built-in games: Tekken 7, SOUL CALIBUR VI, R.B.I Baseball 20, Flashlight Freeze Tag, Bro Force, and Bud Light Six Puck. It includes two controllers, two built-in koozies that are meant to actually keep beers cold, and a projector to play wherever your generous heart desires.

The BL6 is up for auction right here, and the auction ends on November 20th at 10:19AM.

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