Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Official Campaign Trailer Is Here

For those who don’t know already, I’ve never been the biggest Call of Duty multiplayer guy. I am, however, a fanatic when it comes to the campaign.

On the low, Call of Duty has boasted one of the most intense, cinematic, and riveting series of campaigns in recent memory, thanks mostly to (I assume) the bajillions of dollars they can throw at it for production values thanks to the massive success of the series’ multiplayer modes.

Today, we got a brand new trailer for Modern Warfare that’s entirely focused on the campaign. Take a look.

It’s clear to me that Infinity Ward is celebrating the last 12+ years of rampant success that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare started by going absolutely balls to the wall with this new campaign. And folks… If Captain Price growling lines like “Draw the line wherever you need it” and “If you can’t identify the target… You are the target” didn’t make every hair on your goddamn body stand up, we just ain’t the same.

Captain Price himself is voiced by series newcomer Barry Sloane, but it seems like he’s fitting into the combat boots just fine. The trailer also features The Boys and Supergirl‘s Claudia Doumit as “Farrah”, and of course – the glorious return of John “Soap” MacTavish. I’m not 100% clear on who’s voicing Soap this time around, but I’ll be sure to update this article with more information as it becomes available.

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