Enzo and Big Cass- Best WWE Tag Team running.

Enzo and Big Cass have taken the WWE by storm. They are so different and it’s a great thing. I’m not a huge wrestling guy anymore, but I used to be. But I always find myself with my buddies watching wresting. I have a lot to say about the story line now and sometimes I piss them off, but I just miss the crazy shit that used to happen when I watched it when I was younger. Jeff Hardy with the swanton bomb from ladders and Mankind getting choke slammed onto pins and needles.

But Enzo and Big Cass are ELECTRIC.

big cass


They are just raw(no pun intended) entertainment. And you can’t teach that. See what I did there. This little shit Enzo comes out sounding like he smoked a pack of Newports backstage and BUZZES around the stage and ring. And I get absolutely pumped.


enzo amore

These two met playing basketball in Manhattan when they were younger. Enzo must have picked fights with every person he could find and then get Big Cass to handle his light work. If I bumped into Big Cass in a dark alley I would immediately shit my pants. And it would be S-A-W-F-T.


enzo and big cass


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