Rockstar is Bringin’ em Back – Red Dead Redemption & The Warriors

My dreams are coming true and Rockstar is bringing this series back to life…one may even say it was an Undead Nightmare…….I’ll be here all night folks.


It was announced today that one of my favorite videogames of all time with be backwards compatible with Xbox One this Friday. Red Dead Redemption was an absolute staple to my high school years. I must have played through that game a solid 4 times including one of THE greatest DLC’s of all time, Undead Nightmare and in just 3 days we will be able to play this Western GTA masterpiece once again in all versions of the game. If you have any copy of the game, the original, the Undead Nightmare DLC, or the Game Of The Year edition, you can download it onto your Xbone and play it this week.


Not only that, but a long lost PS2 gem will be returning to the PS4, and that piece of work is The Warriors. There have been some graphical updates and Trophy system integrated, and you can play this modern day classic today on PSN. On top of that the Russo Brothers, the minds behind Captain America: Winter Soldier, will be bringing The Warriors to the small screen. A new Warriors series will be established on Hulu and I think we are all ready for the resurrection of this cult classic series. What a day to be alive guys. Let me know in the comments what games, movies, or series, you’d like to see return.

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