FaZe Clan Is Launching A Reality Show on Quibi to Find Their Next Member

Quibi, a short-form video platform that isn’t released just yet, will soon be home of “FaZe Up” – a reality/game show by FaZe clan that’ll be their means of finding a new member to join the clan. To participate, contestants must subscribe to Quibi in April.

Quibi describes the show as “part contest, part competition show and will be 100% FaZe.” There will be six contestants chosen from Quibi’s pool of subscribers that are choosing to apply. The six picked will then be flown to the Clout House to live there and compete in gaming /reality show style events and competitions to determine who will ultimately have a chance to win some dough and join the roster of FaZe Clan.

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I’ve never been the “I told you so” type but will I will say.. on Not Another Gaming Podcast within the past month or two, we called that we were going to get a gaming reality show soon. Do we have insiders? Are we lucky? I’ll never tell. But it came true and there couldn’t be a better group to make it happen. FaZe has done a shit ton for the scene and has really helped pave the way for content in the gaming world. They’re an absolute power house.

Granted, there are people out there that would kill it too. Example, 100 Thieves, or TSM. But they have their own wave of content just like a bunch of others that might fit the bill. And with vlogging being the new thing that gets the views, everyone is doing their own personal reality show to an extent. It’s so interesting to see behind the scenes. This reality show is going to revolutionize shit. Before, To join a clan before, it was all about your ranking on the leaderboards, and how many views/followers you had – while that still matters a little bit, this show is going to give some others a shot. Others that otherwise might be just left in the dust.

But now. We have a reality show. A behind the scenes, potential cringe fest, that is the first we’ve seen of it’s kind. I’m V excited.

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